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We are a company passionate about service and technological innovation! We are committed to continuously researching and developing new services and products that deliver exceptional value to our customers, suppliers, and collaborators. Let us amaze you with our creativity and commitment!

Integrated platform for voice and chat bots based on Artificial Intelligence

Our Integrated platform for voice and chat bots based on Artificial Intelligence is the tool your company needs to have an effective collection process, reducing costs and improving your customers' experience. Join us and boost your collection management!

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Build the future with us! We are looking for innovative minds passionate about technology. Ready to make your mark? Send us your resume and join our team!

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At our company, we're passionate about driving the technological potential of your business. From innovative solutions to expert advice, we're here to help you turn your vision into reality. Don't wait any longer to take the first step toward success. Contact us today and start unleashing your company's full potential!

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Optimize your IT team with our specialized training! We offer ready-made and tailored syllabi to fit your needs. Our highly qualified instructors emphasize hands-on practice for effective learning. Invest in your team's growth and ensure the success of your technological projects!


Prepare for excellence! In our services we offer elite consulting, with a team of top-level professionals. We are proud to guide your technical teams to success every step of the way to innovation and technological improvement!

Azure Cloud Solutions

Dive into the future era with the cloud! Information technology is transforming at lightning speed, and the cloud is the engine driving this revolution. In this exciting journey, Microsoft Azure shines as the undisputed leader. Discover how you can elevate your business to new heights with Azure by your side!

Staff Augmentation

Boost your success with LOGIC STUDIO's Staff Augmentation Center! We are your outsourcing ally for software development, ensuring on-time and high-quality deliveries. Trust us to take your projects to the next level!


Maximize your potential
Voice platform Chat with AI

Overcome your financial challenges with our Virtual Collection Management Agency! We streamline and enhance your company's debt collection management, ensuring efficiency and resource optimization.

Unmatched Efficiency

Get results comparable to those of a human, but at a much lower cost!

Custom Dialogues

From simple queries to complex dialogue logics, our flexible assistants adapt to your specific needs.

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We have over 21 years of experience in the technology industry

We are a renowned company providing IT services and strengthening development teams.

Our certified engineers and expert consultants are a cornerstone of LOGIC STUDIO's success and positioning as the best company to bring your technological innovation ideas to life.

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Satisfied Customers
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Our strong client portfolio is a testament to our ability to deliver innovative technological solutions and meet the needs on every project.


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At LOGIC STUDIO, we are committed to maintaining strong partnerships and quality accreditations that uphold our reputation as leaders in the technology industry. 

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We are a leading technology company with over 21 years of experience in the market, and we are constantly seeking professionals who wish to be part of our team.

At LOGIC STUDIO, you'll find an opportunity to grow and develop professionally. We value talent, creativity, and encourage you to reach your full potential.

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Ready to take your business to the next level with innovative technological solutions? Look no further! At LOGIC STUDIO, we're here to help. Contact us today to discover how we can drive your company's success together.

We are a company passionate about service and technological innovation!

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At LOGIC STUDIO, we are constantly looking for professionals who want to be part of our team.

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