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Azure Cloud Solutions

In the IT field, the cloud is synonymous with efficiency and digital transformation, hence its growing and widespread use. 

Within this context, Microsoft's Azure cloud stands as a leader in this technological offering. With this in mind, LOGIC STUDIO's goal is to help you better understand your Azure cloud expenses and implement effective strategies to optimize them, thereby maximizing efficiency and value in your Azure operations, focusing on the following skills:

  • Understanding Your Expenses: We assist you in analyzing and breaking down your Azure expenses to identify areas for improvement.
  • Customized Optimization: We provide tailored solutions according to your needs, focusing on areas where the greatest cost reduction can be achieved.
  • Best Practices: We share best practices in cloud resource utilization to minimize costs without compromising performance.
  • Continuous Monitoring: We implement tools and processes for ongoing monitoring to ensure you continue saving over time.

We help your organization unlock its full potential with the support of Azure, an open and integrated cloud platform, and industry-leading products and solutions.

The challenges on the road to the cloud are many, but with LOGIC STUDIO's guidance, our clients will be ready to:

  • Migrate applications to the cloud with minimal or no alterations.
  • Maintain the original server architecture, without changes to business processes, monitoring, or management.
  • Plan and manage operating costs.
  • Run infrastructure more efficiently.
  • Scale as business needs change.
  • Implement Best Practices in Cloud Architecture & Management.
  • Escalate incidents directly to the manufacturer when necessary.


What do you get?

Advantages and Benefits

Azure as a cloud platform is composed of over 200 products and services designed to implement solutions that address business and/or service challenges for its diverse users.

Understanding and managing all these services is crucial for the proper use of a platform like Azure.

At LOGIC STUDIO, we offer our expert knowledge in Azure to provide our clients with the following advantages in using this cloud platform:

Our Portfolio

Azure Cloud Services

LOGIC STUDIO will accompany you on the path to efficiency and digital transformation, designing Azure services and new technologies tailored to your needs. With over two decades of experience and commitment, we guarantee excellent specialized Azure services.

Managed Cloud Services


Among other activities, the following are carried out:
Access management
Resource provisioning
Task automation and alerts
Knowledge transfer


Among other activities, the following are carried out:
Activities from the basic plan
Patching and antivirus
Logs analytics

Support Hour Pool

Among other activities, the following are carried out:
Activities from the advanced plan
Scheduled and on-demand activities

Our Portfolio

Cloud Service Optimization

At LOGIC STUDIO, we help you efficiently utilize Azure resources, identifying areas for improvement and service savings.

Our expert knowledge allows us to provide you with guidance to make significant improvements in your infrastructure and Azure application deployment through a meticulous assessment.

Our Portfolio

Specialized Advisory and Support

In Cognitive Services, AI, and Others.

In the sea of Azure services, specialized knowledge is crucial to properly equip organizations with all this technology. 

Implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) services and products, Chat GPT, microservices, security measures, DevOps, among others, can be challenging without the right technical support.


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